10 Online Earning Website while watching Videos you can Earn $50-$60


10 Online Earning Websites Nowadays all of us are on mobile phones or using our laptops, day and night. Even while we are speaking to someone, we are using our phones. In today’s world no one is seen without mobile phones or laptops, not even the young ones, and who doesn’t want to earn money while doing the best thing we do and while doing the only thing we do all day. If I will tell you yes you can watch videos on your phones and laptops all day and earn money while doing it I know all of you will get excited to know about it. 

In today’s world where we get a lot of platforms where we can do the things, we think of there are platforms where you can do this thing as well. Let me tell you that while we have a large number of competitions these days, we also have a large number of places too. I am going to discuss with you 10 of these platforms where you can do the things you want to do and earn money side by side.

Online Earning Website

We know all of us these days can’t live without phones and even if we keep it aside for a while the next first thing we do is checking our phones and while checking messages Online Earning Website if we start watching a video it leads to watching a lot of videos one after another. And it will totally be an icing on the cake that if we get to earn money while doing the things, we anyway do all the time. 

Top 10 online earning websites:

  • InboxDollars
  • MyPoints
  • EarningStation
  • Perk
  • App Trailers
  • Market Force Information
  • Get paid to watch tv shows on Netflix 
  • Quick rewards
  • Success bux
  • Swagbucks

Detailed information about these websites

Swag Bucks

It is known to be the oldest and the most reputed website which is very popular to pay those who watch online videos through them. This is a place where you can watch any video related to any topic you like and get paid for watching the content you like. You just need to watch their sponsored videos. 

Not just for watching videos you can use it for online shopping. Surveys and a lot of other things they just pay you just for using the app. Use the app and get paid. Lot of people have earned a lot of money using this app and if we look at the survey the numbers show that $275,000,000 worth gift cards and money has been won by people around the world until now. Online Earning Websites Why to wait now, why not to open the phone and by doing the things we like from a website like this earn money. If we look at the figures the amount of money they have paid until now is super amazing to think about them and do steps to be a one of the members to earn money.

Speaking about the things you can do from this website is unbelievable. Starting from watching videos you can also play games, just surf around, using their mobile app, do shopping from this website and all the day to day based things everyone usually do from any other platform then why not do it from here and rather than spending money why not earn some at the same time.

Inbox Dollars

This place is comparatively different from the swag bucks here as its easy to guess from the given name you need to read the mails, they sent to you and they will inbox the money means Online Earning Website they will mail you and while you read and receive you earn money too.  This is not the only thing they also pay for watching videos. This is also one of the most popular and the oldest one to use. And like the last one this has some similar things to offer as well like playing games and doing searches online through this so that you earn while you do your thing.

My Points

this is the third most popular on my list. Here your money is the points. You earn the points and can convert or use them to get gift cards, vouchers etc. it’s like get points now and redeem them after for the things you like or want to buy. Not to mention again this website provides the same things as discussed earlier like mails, videos, surveys etc. speaking about videos here you need not to watch any boring videos you don’t even like you can watch all the fun videos without getting bored you can earn points.

Being a very old and reputed website since 1996 you can say that this is trustworthy too.

Earning Station

So this is basically a united states based company so  is also used by the citizens of the country. It is specifically used by the people who resides in the united states and any Online Earning Website other who is not from the country will not be allowed to use this website. And the things you can do here is the same as watching videos, shopping, playing games, surveys and mails. But it being particularly for the residents only no one outside the country could actually take advantage of this website so if you are from the United states go for it it’s one of the best. 


This is another exciting place which doesn’t require much of your time, yes as I said not much of your time which means here you can earn while watching short videos you don’t have to spend much time here so that there is a chance of you getting bored of un interest. Just watch short videos to save time and earn points which can be redeemed into the things you like or want to buy or just into some hard cash. 

Not to mentions the variety of things you can do while using this is almost same like watch videos, tv shows , shop, do surveys and one additional thing which is quite interesting here you can take quizzes and earn yes, this means you can learn and earn at the same time is it super exciting?! The amount of money they have paid until now is remarkable and increasing with every minute. 

App Trailers 

This is a platform where you can earn while you watch trailers of the apps. This website offered money for the particular apps they have set for you to watch. They call it hot apps so if you watch the Online Earning Website content they ask you to, they will profit you with the money or the points which can be used later to buy stuff or just be transferred to the aypal account if you have one. 

Market Force Information

This is a perfect site for those who love watching movies. If you a big-time movie fan I would definitely suggest you to use this as they provide the users with the money and the opportunity to attend movies premiers as well, I’m not kidding they provide tickets to the movie premiers and not just that you go there and get paid too. For all the people in love with movies this is a big-time opportunity to not just do the thing you love but at the same time enjoy the premier and the icing on the cake is getting paid to do all this. Doesn’t this make you all movie fans super happy. One thing to keep in mind is they take people mostly from the U.S and Canada. 

Get Paid To Watch Tv Shows On Netflix

Here comes the one you all would have been waiting to know about. Why not, this app is used by everyone nowadays. Netflix and chill is one of the most famous apps we use at the time. And it surely will be interesting to know about how to earn money while doing the one thing we all did the most during this pandemic.

So, the deal with netflix is they pay the editorial analysts , creative analysts and taggers who do the job of watching the maximum content on the app and tagging the movies and episodes accordingly so that it’s easily available for the other users or making it user friendly you can say. So basically it’s like a job of taggers where you tag the movies and episodes to make them available for the users as per their requirement and to make them easy to be available on their search engine .

Quick Reward

So this is a website famous for and available for the users in  U.S, U.K and canada. If you are not from these countries I’m afraid you won’t be able to have access to this website as it is not available outside these countries. Here you can watch videos, take surveys, play games and shop. While doing all this you can earn money. 

Success Bux

So this one has something different than others to offer like music. Yes, being one of the most recent websites and the only place until nor where you can earn while listening to music as well ,not just music they pay to watch videos too. But with that the additional perk would be music. This website came into existence in 2012 and being the newest I think they got to know how much people love to listen to music and to explore new music as well so keeping that in mind these people created a website with the newest addition to it being the music . Even if it’s the latest one it already has a very big number of customers attached to it. 


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