15 Worst Disadvantages of Government Job in India


Top 15 Disadvantages of Government Job in India:. Indians are crazy about government jobs. Sarkari naukri the term itself is famous. Craze is not something new, it was here before we all were born and will probably remain long after. Present generation’s mind set and ideologies have visibly changed. Some of them have started leaning towards the private jobs instead of the old government job.

This is not just a generational change as there are a lot of reasons which caused this change. To understand the said change let us look at some of the disadvantages of government jobs in India. Also, if you’re a government job aspirant, it is important for you to understand what you are getting yourself in, so sit tight!

Here are list of Disadvantages of Government Jobs

1. Monotonous days

Most government jobs have very boring and tedious work which submerges you into the paperwork. And the restrictions of a bureaucratic job. When you apply for government jobs, Disadvantages of Government Job you are young full of energy and enthusiasm and a government job in India. Can suck that right out by pulling you into the cycle of monotony. They generally don’t provide you with an outlet for the energy as most government jobs are sitting and doing jobs which might not be very appealing for someone in their 20s.

This daily circle of monotony can transform into a boring life and unhappy life in general making you resent the job and yourself. The boredom might even make you miss the hustle and sheer activeness of a private job, your life in college and various phases when you were always on your feet working passionately. Therefore you should know whether or not you’ll be able to handle that.

Top 15 Disadvantages of Government Job in India

2. Poor Personality Development

We have all seen a stereotypical representation of government officials in cinema, the old, lazy, bored people just doing their job when they absolutely have to. Disadvantages of Government Job Now, of course that’s an exaggeration and not an actual representation but there is an ounce of truth in it as well at least for most government officials. And worse part is that there is no fear of losing it.

Regularly working in these circumstances alongside the above mentioned people, does next to next for the necessary personal growth one expects in a job. A government job gives less chances for personality development which Disadvantages of Government Job sometimes leads to living a secondary life. Other jobs on the other hand provide the much needed exposure one seeks and lets you learn new things daily. When that happens you get to face the world and you as a person grow and start on a path to improve your personality.

Top 15 Disadvantages of Government Job in India
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3. Exasperating Work Environment

In one simple statement, things move slowly in a government office. Deep rooted problems of jealousy and leg pulling are an addition. Now this is not something exclusive to government jobs but their intensity definitely increases than in private jobs. The reason being the basic structure of government jobs which doesn’t reward Disadvantages of Government Job hard work rather works in hierarchy. All this might create a very discouraging and frustrating work environment for you which prevents you from producing the best work that you are capable of. This sort of culture is hostile towards ambition.

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Top 15 Disadvantages of Government Job in India
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4. Nepotism

All around us we hear this word. Especially in Bollywood but the fact is it is present in all the industries and all sectors including government jobs. This makes government jobs a toxic system as it allows personal relations to overpower merit. Everyone wants awards for their work. And that is one of the driving forces of a person to work hard every day. Disadvantages of Government Job is that it puts a person down and discourages them to a whole new level.

Promotions are given on the bases of various personal relations and bonds and are not based on merit. They depend more on reference of someone influential or for payback in future rather than award the deserving. Disadvantages of Government Job Government jobs often do not appreciate talent. Its more about pleasing the ones in power. Therefore they can become pretty difficult and challenging for an honest and hard working person.

5. Low Monthly Salary

The salary packages provided in a private job is much greater than in government jobs for the same work. A government employee cannot afford many things which a private employee can quite easily. The lack of appreciation of hard work and honest people is disheartening to say the least. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting idly or working your best. You are going to get the same salary every month.

6. Regular Transfers

We all have had that one friend or a classmate in school whose parent is a government employee. They travel regularly and then you hardly get to see them ever or you might have experienced it yourself. It is a very difficult job because you are not even aware of the place you are going to get transferred to. No matter if you’re single or with a family, getting transferred to remote new places is difficult. These transfers can take a physical, emotional and mental toll making me feel homesick. This is something that is not likely to happen in a private job. gives you more choices and say in decision making about your location.

Top 15 Disadvantages of Government Job in India

7. Lack of Employee Care

Government is not brutal toward their employees but it’s actually worse because they are just indifferent. This indifference is worse than negative. Because the government doesn’t even care enough to form an opinion or to make their lives better or worse. This comes with the basic feature of the government which is a lack of accountability towards the recipients. Since they are public services there is almost no concept of loss or profit. This just increases the behaviour of indifference and lack of care towards their employees.

8. Never Contented

When everyone asks about one’s ambition they have different ideas like money, power, fame, etc. But the basic goal behind all those is happiness. Now, when you choose your job you hope to be able to achieve this ultimate foal. Sorry to disappoint but this goal seems very far-fetched in a government job. Due to the sheer working structure, environment and other various conditions that come along this job.

As discussed, a government job comes with a struggling environment. ess salaries and transferable jobs, all of this is enough to make anyone a little off. Therefore before choosing a government job make sure you keep your contentment above all the perks you might feel you get from a government job.

9. No future career

Job recruiters nowadays want a good personality more than a filled resume or tons of degrees. Now you can get a qualification and degress by studying. ut a good well developed personality only comes with mindful learning experiences. These experiences are very rare and hard to find and experience in a government job. That’s how this whole cycle comes full, you get a job which does not nothing for your personal development and then it further makes your career go downhill as you weren’t able to learn much from it. Any good personal job requires experience which is hard to find in a monotonous bureaucratic job. So, if you want a career after a g government job then think twice before taking a government job.

10. Poor standard of living

Less salary and regular transfers to inhospitable areas can and does make for a substandard lifestyle. Some government jobs provide you with very little salary in which you can hardly make your both ends meet. An average family person has huge responsibilities like schooling, medical, housing etc. these demands are hard to fulfil with one single government job. These necessities force you to save as much money as you can which mostly means spending nothing on your lifestyle. This not only makes one happy but makes them part of a group having substandard or low standard of living. This problem is less likely to occur in private jobs as it gives you a chance to earn more and have disposable income.

11. Highly competitive

In the earlier days everyone may have wanted a government job but tithe fact was only a few actually got it. As you all must already know these jobs are highly competitive and one needs to work remarkably hard to secure a government job. The vacancies are limited while the aspirants are not as one must imagine in the second most populated country of the world. Huge amount of time, money, patience and hard work goes into exam preparation even then there are high chances of not being able to clear even the first level. This problem is less in private jobs where they are more in number and if one doesn’t work out you always have an option of trying another one without wasting a lot of money.

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12. No Work from home

We are in 2020 and everyone must have heard the words, ‘work from home’, like a thousand times by now. What you still may find surprising is that government jobs don’t actually have a notion of work from home unlike private jobs. You must have realised the importance of work from home, especially now when you cannot be physically present for all the work that needs to be done. Work from home is a way which allows us to work and keep in touch and do our business within the physical boundaries of our homes. This option is used by million and million during this lockdown while most government offices require the employees to be physically present.

13. Not always permanent

Permanent job is the sole most important and sought after feature of a government job though the truth is that’s not always the case. The often ‘permanent’ counterpart of the ‘temporary’ private jobs, are in fact not the same sometimes. Now, there are many government departments and organizations which recruit candidates on contractual basis. These candidates are then required to work on projects, which have particular time duration but after the project is completed so is there employment. As we talk, there are many reforms and changes going on in the government offices in order to make this permanent status a little less permanent. This is mostly done in order to uproot people with poor work ethics, low performance and callous attitude towards the jobs.

14. No Scope for Exponential Career Growth

In the private sector you can grow as much as you want to on the condition that you are ready to put in the hard work that the job requires but sadly that’s not a case with the government sector. These government jobs create a boundary around you which no matter how hard you try is very difficult to cross and move ahead. If a person is genuinely looking to grow and succeed. There are certain criteria which need to be fulfilled before you are even considered for a promotion, age is one of such factors. It is only after a certain age that one is given the chance to handle the higher ranks. This is something which doesn’t happen in private jobs, as young as a 30 years old can be a CEO or general manager.

15. Low levels of control

Now, a feeling which no one wants to witness in their life is helplessness, it is this feel that one dreads the most. This feeling comes very often with a government job as there are so many things that you want and need to do but you just absolutely cannot for innumerable reasons. That is why it is said that bureaucracy isn’t only frustrating for citizens but it also plagues the government employees who want to get things done quickly. All the major decisions need to be approved by a large number and only after that something comes into action or gets started. There are too many restrictions and be sure not to get caught in all of them.


Now, just because there are many reasons to not do a government job that doesn’t mean there are reasons to do one. Besides, these 15 points are not valid for all the government jobs. So before you decide your entire future, make sure to do your research and have a thorough understanding of everything that you want to do.

Hope you make a good decision. All the best!


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