Top 20 Courses after 12th Class which need to be considered in (2020)


Top 20 Courses after 12th Class which need to be considered in (2020-2021):. There are vast career options for 12th passed science students. The best part of science stream is that students can swap to other careers that are arts, humanities, or commerce. So there are several career fields that one can prefer after the 12th. And often the nomination is based on the interest of the student, and coming scope. When you are free ask any student of Class 12 about their future goals, and you are more than likely to get utterly confusing answers.

And it is not because they are ambitionless or have no idea about what to do in the future. It is because they do not know the right steps or educational qualifications needed to pursue their dream. Mostly all the students believe that the Class 12 board results are the wind beneath their wings. They are, but only if the students know how to take advantage of the several directions that are open to them.

As we know a student has a plethora of diploma, certificate, and degree courses to choose from; it can be confusing, overwhelming and limitless. Also the best advice in such cases is to go and pursue the course that interests and inspires you to achieve your best. So the conventional undergraduate streams (BA, BSc and BCom) are still in good demand. But you can also choose other courses as well, depending upon your personal choice and interest.

Courses after 12th
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Hence the course to do after 12 are listed below:-

1) Engineering career

This is one of the course which you can  do after 12 in Engineering. And the most grabbed steam by the students in engineering. So if you enjoy exploring new technology, knowledge systems and are interested in technical or scientific issues, then a degree in engineering can open up a whole world of chances. Also in engineering, there are many various options for you to consider before giving rise to your choice like

Courses after 12th
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1.1 Civil Engineering

1.2 Biomedical Engineering

1.3 Electrical Engineering

1.4 Aerospace Engineering

1.5 Mechanical Engineering

1.6 Mining Engineering

1.7 Chemical Engineering

1.8 Computer Engineering

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Courses after 12th

2) MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

This MBBS degree is an undergraduate course for candidates who want to fulfill their pursuit of becoming a doctor. MBBS is a proficient degree in medical science. And a person holding the MBBS degree becomes a certified medical practitioner. So the period of MBBS course is five years to six months. Involving one year of rotational externship at hospitals, health centers, and health camps organized by non-profit organizations (NGOs).

Courses after 12th

And once you clear the final examination or preparing examination of MBBS, you need to complete a compulsory rotatory internship. It has to be of 1 year from a recognized institution/ hospital. Even on successful fulfillment of the internship, you can officially add “Dr” to your name. MBBS is one of the best courses to do after 12.

3) B.Sc. AND M.Sc :

In India, there are various areas in which B.Sc. and M.Sc. are given. The areas differ from the technical and the medical to the biological, Sociology, and botany, etc. And the bachelor of Science(B.Sc.) is a 3-year undergraduate program where Masters of Science(M.Sc.) is a 2-year post-graduation degree.

So there are additional 30 plus courses .— subjects in which B.Sc. and M.Sc. are offered worldwide. And thus the chances for every course vary riding upon the area of your specialization. And though there are a lot of variations within the same program, career changes, and job scope are the same. So we have illustrated career opportunities and the scope after doing B.Sc. and M.Sc. from any College, Institute, or the University.

4) Hotel Management : 

Courses after 12th
Career in Hotel Management

This management is one of the highly job oriented fields; it covers a wide spectrum of services including food service, concession, and catering. So the major job fields in the hospitality sector include hotels, resorts, fast food chains, cafes, etc.

The hotel management professional can be employed in any of the above-mentioned fields. This field has always been a hot livelihood option among the students. With the globalization of extra and more hotel industries as broadening their business to the global markets. It has now created a massive need for hotel management professionals.

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5) Bachelor of Architecture : 

This bachelor of architecture is one of the favorable course to do after 12. it is a 5-year program that is an extraordinary option for you. Here you will learn the science behind the construction of buildings. And how to establish them using ethical structural planning most efficiently. So one who has an interest in this line can have an excellent future.

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6) Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) in Fashion Design :

The students who are having an interest in Fashion or in Designing can pursue fashion Design line the course to do after 12 This is a 3-year course which educates courses after 12th you on the art and science of fashion designing. So you can take up a profession in this course for footwear, clothing, accessories, etc. and if you prefer science as well as arts subjects, then this course is excellent for you.

7) Research : 

So by  pursuing his/her carrier in Research It has a great scope first of all students have to do B.Sc. then M.Sc. and then PhD then one can go for a research line. And the research is one of the lengthiest courses to do after 12.

8) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Animation and Multimedia :

This  is a 3-year undergraduate course and since  both YouTube and digital media is famous than the mainstream media, there are adequate career opportunities in this field. Even Animation and Multimedia are After 12 courses so you can scour career options in Bollywood, big media houses as well as peppiness houses across the country.

9) A career in civil aviation as a pilot :

Though this is a very attractive and high compensating profession but being able to choose this field as a career is not that simple.And first of all, you have to be medically fit courses after 12th and fulfill certain physical and medical criteria. So you must then undergo t to acquire an Authorization and this training is a bit expensive, you know and if flying is your passion and if you can’t afford to undergo marketable pilot training, you may go and join the Indian Air Force and become a pilot there. 

10) Career in Merchant Navy : 

This Merchant Navy is Like the Armed Forces, this career is also a heroic one and at  the same time, it is high hiring also so you may take up courses associated with this field After 12 courses like doing Marine Engineering, Marine Technology, etc to build one such career.

11) Career in the field of pharmacy : 

Nowdays in India, one of the courses to do after 12 is a pharmacist. It is often not given much dignity .Being in abroad, in Europe and countries like America, they are behaved toward like Doctors and in many countries courses after 12th, Doctors just do diagnosis. This is the pharmacist who prescribes the drugs.The B Pharm followed by M Pharm will help you build a favorable career. And you may evolve a Lecturer or Research Scientist after performing it.

12) Some industrial courses :

If you are getting a good job after 12th science that is your top preference so you do some industries centered courses. And the course to do after 12 is Industrial Courses like- welding technology, fire and safety technology, etc are industry-specific.

13) Interior designing : 

If you are affecting drawing plans etc so if you despise designing stuff and drawing plans etc, this stuff and vocation is not for you and architecture is tough, you must have a high interest in Drawing. Also the Interior Designing is a good course to do After 12 but if you are skillful enough, a favorable career lays forward. you. So you may enlist the public sector, private sector, or actually start your own firm.

14) Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharma) :

This Bpharna is a four-year undergraduate degree in the field of Pharmacy. So if you want to be qualified for the course then students should pass 10+2 in Science (PCM/B) with the least sum of 50% marks.

15) BDS and career in dentistry :

Nowdays dentistry is becoming more and more humid each day. Many various MBBS, many colleges giving this course exist. Hence the number of graduates is improving but based on how skillful you are, you can build a rewarding vocation in this field! Like MBBS, PG and super specialty departments exist in this field also.

Therefore BDS is After 12 courses but unlike the career of an MBBS doctor, a dentist can pay for to relax a slight.And the nature of this work is not of as high vigor as that of an MBBS Doctor.So you may try for government courses after 12th employment, private clinics, or your own clinic after completing this course and the choice is yours to make.

16) Career in management :

If you want Wish to work in a Multi-National company and want to put up with the care of the administrative aspects of a business or a group? Management is a course to do after 12. And maybe taking off for BBA after 12th science will support you.

17) Career in armed forces :

The courses of Armed Forces- Navy, Army, and Air Force is a course to do after 12 prefers the decent men and women to join them. NDA (National Defence Academy) exams will unlock doors to a career in Armed Forces for students who have passed/are studying in 12th science.There is an age boundary you should be familiar with and to get admitted to NDA, the nominee must not be former than 19 years of age at the time the course commences. So if you don’t get assigned, there’s more to it than just NDA. So you may give CDS exam after graduation and fetch into the armed forces.

18) Career in veterinary sciences : 

We all know that like human beings, animals too undergo from diseases. And in India, Animal Husbandry is prospering thus, there is a big demand for equipped Veterinary Doctors and Physicians in India. Veterinary science is a great course to do after 12.So you may assemble a great career in the Government sector or private sector, after performing this course. And the people are so busy, gazing at MBBS and BDS that they are losing this course, which provides big opportunities!

19) BAMS Doctor : 

Since this is the Ayurveda stuff. Also upon completing BAMS, you’ll get the ownership of a Doctor, but an Ayurvedic one.So the  BAMS doctor is a course to do after 12 .And from right now, Ayurveda is craved by many, thanks to it being free of side impacts to huge importance.

20) Ethical Hacking :

There are many organizations in India teach you the art of ethical hacking and it is a career that is rapidly evolving popular in the whole world. So this is the age of the internet, and with the advantages that the internet brings to us, there are also enough barriers. And for warfare heinous access to private accounts, trained specialists are required.

The Ethical Hacking is one of the interesting courses to do after 12 and even the government in the top security jobs needs spiritual hackers who will prevent their systems from getting hacked by enemies. Since this is a highly difficult and exciting job which is not for all but if you like challenges and want to give your career a remarkable start, then this course is best for you.But with unfathomable love for language and a perpetual desire to explore new vocab I find my solace in reading and trying my hand at writing.


At last we would conclude up by saying that by speaking honestly there are plenty of choices in degree courses that students who have cleared their Class 12 examination. So you must choose a degree course in a subject in which they are personally interested.And after all it is the subject with which they will have to live for a lifetime.And by additionally, all your future career options or post-graduation subject schemes will also directly or indirectly depend upon your graduation. Therefore it is better to take a judicious decision on this matter after considering all pros and cons of the available options.


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