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12 Best Plasma Donation Hospital:. The role of Plasma donation helps a lot of people. Whenever you are donating plasma it is used in treatment of adults and children afflicted by leukemia or blood cancer. Also the victims of life-threatening burns and people undergoing liver or bone marrow transplants also need plasma from healthy donors.

When you donate plasma, you’re actually giving these people a ray of hope for a new life. Also bringing some cheer to their family members. A the same time, donating plasma holds some benefits for you too. You can also get some money every month as plasma donor.

Now let us see the Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers : 

As we know there are several plasma donation hospital and centers across the US. Here is our list of highest paying plasma donation centers near you.

1. CSL Plasma Inc

Best Plasma Donation Hospital

It is ranked as one of the world’s top most collectors of human plasma. They supply plasma to several hospitals across various countries  and also to the  healthcare facilities in different countries. Therefore as a regular plasma donor, you can earn up to $400 per month from CSL Plasma Inc. Even they credit the money to a prepaid debit card. CSL and also awards iGive points for every plasma donation that is redeemable for extra cash.

2. BioLife Plasma Services

Best Plasma Donation Hospital

It  is a  part of Takeda, a global biotechnology company that specializes is the treatment of rare and life-threatening disease. Also the company operates several plasma donation centers across America and in Austria. Here you can donate plasma twice a week at BioLife Plasma Services centers near you. Even the company gives you a BioLife reloadable debit card for depositing money it pays for your time and effort. So this company pays $20 to $50 per visit, depending upon various factors. Plasma Donation Hospital will spend about 30 minutes at BioLife Plasma Services collection centers after your first donation. So you can easily find the nearest plasma donation center nearby from the BioLife Plasma Services website.

3. BPL Plasma

It  is part of Bio Products Laboratories, a UK-based biotech company. They pay up to $300 per month to active donors. It has dozens of plasma centers located across the USA. It is easy to schedule an appointment for your plasma donation. You can earn more money through the referral program of BPL Plasma.

Therefore in meaning you can refer a relative or friend to donate plasma at BPL Plasma. When the person you refer donates plasma, they get full compensation while you earn extra cash as a referral bonus. And they also have Buddy Raffle program that make the rewards process easy. You can earn a lot that would be definitely $100 and $200 extra per month. 

And then a relative or friend accompanying you also donates plasma, you get one entry to the raffle draw. Also the first prize is $200, second $150 and third, $100.BPL Plasma donation hospital operates in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Omaha, Ohio, and Texas. Search in google “ BPL plasma donation center near me ” and you will get the result according to your location.

4. Biotest Plasma Center

It basically operates in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Texas. Also you can make up to $400 per month by donating plasma at their collection centers. And a total of 26 plasma donation centers are operated by Biotest Plasma Center in these 11 states.

Even the company is owned by Grifols, a global healthcare major. Biotest Plasma Center also operates a referral program. There you can get more money when you bring a relative or friend to donate plasma. Therefore additionally, Biotest also has attractive monthly promotions across its network.

Also an individual plasma collection centers run own promos too. And to help you earn more, Biotest Plasma Center runs its own mystery shopper program. That is used to  donate the plasma at Biotest Plasma Center can give feedback on their experience to earn more cash as a mystery shopper.

5. Kedplasma

Even you can donate plasma at 18 centers in various states operated by Kedplasma US. Their website doesn’t say how much money you’ll get as compensation. Their website clearly says that each center has own policy for donor compensation. Hence, you’ll need to check with the plasma donation center near you about other details.

However, independent reviews on the Internet point that Kedplasma US pays about $400 per month at various centers. And you will get the money in form of Wirecard prepaid card. So the company will credit your prepaid card upon every successful plasma donation.

Kedplasma US offers a special program- Anti D-. for people living around Buffalo, NY area and have any Negative blood group. And to qualify, you will  have to meet specific criteria set by the company. Your plasma can prove useful for saving lives of babies. So there is no specific information about donor compensation under Anti D program.

6. Octaplasma  

It comes up with special promotions that offer $50 compensation to first-time donors. It is for first five donations and that adds up to $250. Also they also have the OPI Rewards+ loyalty program that allows regular donors to earn a little extra money. Also the referrals program offers yet one more way to increase your income.So Furthermore, each plasma donation center of Octaplasma holds special promotions to offer higher compensation in the form of cash or attractive gifts.

And overall, you can earn up to $400 per month as a plasma donor depending upon frequency of donations and promotions during any given period.It is worth remembering- such promotions aren’t always available. Therefore may need to check with the Octaplasma plasma donation center about current donor compensation rates and their website has a resource where you can find an Octaplasma plasma donation center nearby.Also they have a strong presence in Idaho, Texas, Indianapolis, Washington, and California and are expanding their network.

7. Immunotek  

As we know there is no information about how much Immunotek pays plasma donors on the company website. So however, they offer a $20 coupon for every successful referral you make and the company operates 29 centers across the USA.

8. GCAM Plasma 

There are many like  Texas, California, Idaho, Arizona, and Indianapolis are five states where GCAM Plasma operates plasma centers and they pay $25 to $30 per plasma donation, depending on various factors. Also even the residents of Canada and Mexico can also donate plasma at their centers and make money and the company also operates a loyalty program for returning donors.

9. B positive Plasma

B positive Plasma claims it pays $500 per month to plasma donor so however, the website hastily adds that you can earn $500 monthly by donating plasma and successfully referring relatives or friends as donors.And they have plasma donation centers in Maryland and New Jersey states. And you will  get a rechargeable preloaded debit card to get payments after each plasma donation.

10. Grifols  

This  website does no’t mention how much money they pay to plasma donors.Research from independent sources indicates you can get about $200 per month as a regular donor and slightly more for successful referrals.

So these are the list of different highest paying plasma donation centres go through it and do your research upon it.


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