Best Salary comparison between a sarkari naukri & Private Jobs


Best Salary comparison between a sarkari naukri & Private Jobs. In today’s situation every graduate looking out for a job would try his best to get a job that pays him well. And normally fresh graduates just coming out of college have only one criteria in their mind. Even that criterion is how much is the salary.

They are even more bothered about the salary because they think if salary is more then the job is good. I agree with it but not every time. Because there could be a job which pays you well but you would not enjoy working there. Hence the salary does not matter every time.

sarkari naukri & Private Jobs

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Now let us see the difference between government job and private job :

Government job Private job
1.The main issue in government job is the growth and the upcoming growth in the government sector is very slow and there fore the salary is also very less. In most of the government sectors employees have a side income in the form of bribe. This is one of the major reasons why most candidates want government job so that they can use this illegal means of income to acquire wealth in various forms.1.The growth of the private sector on the other hand is very lucrative. Not just like the government sector private sector employers look for hard working employees and reward such employees with good salary and other incentives. And a person who is honest, talented and hardworking, he deserves a private sector job. So with the private sector being more than billion dollar industry it has great scope for people seeking employment in this sector.
2.The government job is restricted by a certain age limit for example for applying to certain jobs one must have been below certain age. Even the age of retirement in government job is  62 years[ government has extended two years for central government employees and defence , for other sectors it may differ]2.Private job on the other hand has no age limit. Even if a person is willing to work after the age of 60 and if he has the potential then he can continue with his job in the private sector.
3. Sarkari naukri 2012 is not so challenging. Since government sector in India is filled with corruption there is no one to look strictly into the detail working of each of the government sector. As mentioned before the government employees make money through bribe there fore one can estimate that job in the private sector is not challenging at all.3.Private job is very challenging and one has to continuously prove his efficiency in the job by employment news of this week. In private sector if a person is not able to meet the target of the work in terms of quality and quantity then he can be chucked off the job
4.The culture of job in the government sector is not of high quality and employees especially who are ranked high make bias judgement which results in a dishonest work culture.4.The culture work is here a private sector is of good quality. So even if an employee has any problem, he can approach the person who is at the top most hierarchy and get his matter solved which is not possible in a government job.
5.The number of leaves in a government job is more and for every small festivals and occasions people get leave. The number of paid leaves is also more in a   government job.5.The number of leaves in a private sector is less compared to government sector. The number of leaves also differ from one private company to another.
sarkari naukri & Private Jobs

Comparision of salaray of Sarkari Naukri Compared With Private Jobs :

sarkari naukri & Private Jobs

Whenever anyone wants job in India, the first question is whether to choose sarkari naukri or private jobs. And this comes in every mind of an individual in India and have to choose a job from these two. We are having a class of people here who wants Sarkari Naukri because they prefer government jobs for some reason. And they try to fight government exams to get the government jobs.

Similarly on the other side of the coin there are people who want to go for only private jobs.Since both of these classes have their own logic for choosing a job but here we will apply only one logic and that is salary comparison between a Sarkari Naukri and a private job.

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We try to divide the jobs in three types. So firstly there is a low profile job for both Sarkari and private. Secondly is medium profile and third are high profile jobs.

Comparison :

Salary of Low Profile Sarkari NaurkiSalary of Low Profile Private Jobs
A job with low profile work would be like janitors, cooks, waiters, plumbers, drivers, mechanic etc. And all these jobs would come under the category of a low profile job. In a Sarkari Naukri their salary is following.Janitors – Rs 4,000/- to Rs 5,000/- per monthCooks – Rs 6,000/- to Rs 8,000/- per monthWaiters – Rs 3,000/- to Rs 5,000/- per monthPlumbers – Rs 7,000/- t0 Rs 9,000/- per monthDriver – Rs 8,000/- to 12,000/- per monthMechanic or Helper – Rs 4,000/- to Rs 8,000/- per monthSecurity Guards – Rs 5,000/- to Rs 7,000/- per monthWhen looking for the same job how much they are paid for a private job.Janitors – Rs 4,500/- to Rs 6,000/- per monthCooks – Rs 10,000/- to Rs 15,000/- per monthWaiters – Rs 6,000/- to Rs 8,000/- per month Plus TipsPlumbers – Rs 8,000/- t0 Rs 12,000/- per monthDriver – Rs 10,000/- to 15,000/- per monthMechanic or Helper – Rs 5,000/- to Rs 8,000/- per monthSecurity Guards – Rs 7,000/- to Rs 10,000/- per monthTherefore by the salary comparison of same jobs in sarkari and private it is very clear that in private, salary is more but there is a little difference, in private you have to work really hard but in sarkari work is less.
Salary of Medium Profile Sarkari NaukriSalary of Medium Profile Private Jobs
Now let us see a salary comparison of medium profile jobs. Here are the jobs and their salary.Office Clerks – Rs 7,000/- to Rs 10,000/- per monthBank Clerks – Rs 12,000/- to 16,000/- per monthTechnicians – Rs 12,000/- to 15,000/- per monthAccountants – Rs 16,000/- to Rs 18,000/- per monthContractors – Rs 16,000/- to Rs 20,000/- per monthManagers – Rs 19,000/- to Rs 20,000/- per monthCompare same jobs in private sectorOffice Clerks – Rs 7,500/- to Rs 10,000/- per monthBank Clerks – Rs 12,000/- to 18,000/- per monthTechnicians – Rs 12,000/- to 16,000/- per monthAccountants – Rs 18,000/- to Rs 25,000/- per monthContractors – Rs 30,000/- to Rs 50,000/- per monthManagers – Rs 19,000/- to Rs 20,000/- per month What I see is that after a salary comparison again you will again find private sector pays more than government jobs so all these jobs have good salary in private especially accountants, contractors and managers.
Salary for High Profile Sarkari NaukriSalary of High Profile Private Jobs
Comparing high profile jobs.Doctors – Rs 30,000/- to Rs 1,50,000/- per monthEngineers – Rs 25,000/- to Rs 75,000/- per monthLawyers – Rs 30,000/- to Rs 100,000/- per monthPilots – Rs 30,000/- to Rs 40,000/- per monthSenior Managers – Rs 30,000/- to Rs 50,000/-Administrators (IAS or IPS) – Rs 50,000/- to Rs 90,000/-For private jobsDoctors – Rs 100,000/- to Rs 4,50,000/- per monthEngineers – Rs 35,000/- to Rs 2, 50,000/- per monthLawyers – Rs 40,000/- to Rs 400,000/- per monthPilots – Rs 100,000/- to Rs 400,000/- per monthSenior Managers – Rs 50,000/- to Rs 150,000/-Administrators (CEO’s) – Rs 400,000/- to Rs 1000,000/-And there is a lot of difference again if we see the salary comparison so in private jobs you are paid much higher than a Sarkari Naukri.

Now why Salary of a Private Job is More than a Sarkari Naukri?

Here you will notice that there is a lot of difference between medium profile jobs and high profile jobs. And it  is quite clear that private sector pays you more money than government.

We know that in private sector you are paid more because companies are earning more profit. And so they can pay you back. So the government sector do not make money.

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BY SEEING YOUR POINT OF VIEW would you choose a job on the basis of salary comparison?

So, after analysing the comparison would you like to choose a job only on the basis of salary. This could be possible that you are paid more. But in return you have to do work that you do not like.

So it simply means that money is not everything. Choose a job which pays you well and at the same time you would love doing it.


I would like to conclude that while doing the comparison of sarkari  naukri and private jobs you will find difference. That when comes to low profile jobs there is no difference almost both are the same. Note that when it comes to medium and high profile jobs you will find there is a clear difference. That private is paying very much higher than government. Before selecting a job keep in mind that money is not everything you must enjoy doing the work as well. 


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