Best ways to make money using writing & Selling Ebooks


Best ways to make money using writing & Selling Ebooks. As it is said that “Books are the best friends ” of a person . A book  is composed in or converted to digital format for display on a computer screen or handheld device. But here one thing to be noticed is that  an eBook is simply a book in a digital form. That  technically qualifies many things that are not actually eBooks. It also does not  truly define what makes an eBook an eBook. So what does?What is an eBook? An eBook is a non-editable, reflowable book converted to a digital format to be read on any digital device. Such as computer screens or mobile devices. To have a better understanding and knowledge of what an eBook really is, let us take a look at the characteristics of an eBook.

Characteristics of an eBook are as follows :

writing & Selling Ebooks

1.eBooks shouldn’t be editable:

One important  characteristic of an eBook is that  the text should not be editable. Note that an  eBook should always be converted into a format that ensures it’s uneditable. We know that  thousands of people having access to it on digital devices. People could potentially change any content without the author’s permission. Hence to qualify as an actual eBook, text should not be changed in any way, just like a paperback book.

2 eBooks are reflowable :

The next important characteristic is that true eBooks should be reflowable. And this means that no matter what the size of the screen you’re viewing the eBook on, it will always fit your screen; text will remain formatted with line breaks and chapters. Images will resize to fit the proportions of the device you’re reading on.The only one exception though: PDFs. Considering PDFs can’t be edited, but they aren’t reflowable, they technically don’t qualify as eBooks. PDFs have become “unofficial” eBooks and are still widely used eBook formats. Nowdays the internet  has changed so many things in our world.

As consumers, snail mail letters were replaced with email. And that is  just a small taste of all the disruptions we’ve enjoyed. One of those that provides a great path to a solid making money online venture for an individual entrepreneur is in book publishing. Specifically, publishing and selling ebooks online are some key differences between this self-publishing. Which, by the way, doesn’t have the negative connotations it used to and the traditional publishing process.

Nowdays there are many social media platform to read books like amazon kindle. Nowdays ebooks are been selling in the millions each year. Representing about 20 percent of the publishing market in the United States. And there is plenty of room for a  single person ebook entrepreneur to get a piece of that market.

So let’s take a look at how you can make money with ebooks; from the brainstorming to the writing, and most importantly… the marketing and selling of your ebooks online.

Let us see the defination of E-book :

writing & Selling Ebooks

Ebooks are the  well books but in a format where they can be delivered or downloaded online. You can even write them by yourself, employ writers, use public domain content, and create your ebooks from many sources. And it can  just about any subject can be covered that is just as many. If not more, than what a traditional publisher might release because you can tailor your tomes to niche markets. Travel guides, how-to manuals, mystery, romance, science fiction, self-help, technology. Just about any subject is fair game as long as there is a market of ready buyers. And one of the best ways to check for is to scan the bestseller lists on Amazon. And it is not just the overall list but also the ones for categories and subcategories.

Keep in mind that while is the most common way most people think of selling ebooks online, you can also sell your ebooks directly from your own website as well. More on that below. You may also start and ebook buisness where you can sell the books as an ebook publisher, you have a few options available for selling your works. One benefit is that you  can also set up your own website and sell your ebook directly online. You might evenmake a PDF available to your readers for example using a simple shopping cart or PayPal link and you’re all set and a  reader visits your site they even order and they all get a download link and get your book. It is pretty much all automated, and you may simply keep an eye on things to make sure the site is running smoothly.

Some Basic Benefits of E-Books

writing & Selling Ebooks

The benefit of this is that you control the entire process, get all of the customer information (so you can promote additional products, services, or books), and you can charge higher priority. Many ebooks sold directly on a website (especially if it’s on a focused topic) can sell for more than dollar or more. Which becomes double that of what a traditional print book would sell for.

And one of the easiest ways to sell ebooks is to work through a third-party site like Amazon. You may even ordered products, even books, from Amazon in the past. But seeing this as a whole different side to this massive e-commerce site.The big and important benefit to working through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, even though they charge you a commission on your sales, is their reach.

Around more than 50 million Americans are active ebook readers. And that is your potential audience, all those people visiting this site and browsing for a new book. It could be even your book but  they find when doing a search on a related keyword search and  in fact, more than 30  percent of daily sales of ebooks on Amazon go as self-published titles.While you may not make as much money as you would selling directly on their site. They even take care of converting it to their proprietary format. Then you’re ready to sell and grow your business through

Some Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Ebook are :

writing & Selling Ebooks

Making money from ebooks is not at all automatic. You can not  just put anything in it and hope to profit. It’s not a difficult task, but you should follow some best practices to make sure your ebook draws attention from readers and generates sales.

1.Do not get Overwhelmed:

Just because you are  writing a book does not mean you have to stress out and with a plan in place, you can finish your work and put it on sale.

2.Do Choose a Topic on which you Know About it:

If you want to write with authority and confidence and also  passion. It is  not a good idea to pick a topic just because you think it might be a best-seller. And remember, you can always outsource the writing to an expert as well.

3.Do not make Your Writing Flowery and Complicated:

Make sure that all your text is easy to read and understand. And it is better to write in a conversational manner and not in an academic manner. Mostly all the experts suggest that you should write at an eight-grade writing level.

4.Don’t Forget About Proofreading:

You need to do double check for grammatical errors, misspellings, etc and make sure you have a trusted friend or even professional proofreader go over your ebook before publication. Since there is nothing worse than releasing a book full of errors that does not  inspire confidence in your readers, can lead to refunds, and bad reviews.

5.Do Create a Professional Layout and Cover:

Only because you are self-publishing doesn’t mean you want it to like an amateur did it. So try to hire a graphic designer on a site like to create a good-looking cover based on your direction and input for not much money. And they can also lay out the interior pages too. Your self book is self-published doesn’t mean it has to look and feel that way.

6.Taking the Next Step to Selling Ebooks Online:

So now you would have understood selling ebooks can be such a money-maker. Start now. Try to analyse and Figure out what type of ebook you want to sell, where you’ll get the content, and then where you’re going to sell it  and how you’ll market it online.It’s a low-cost, low-risk business opportunity that has a huge upside!

Why Ebooks are important ?

writing & Selling Ebooks
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 Electronic books  can provide your business a means to attract informed potential customers while also educating prospects about your products or services. It can  serve as an  important purpose in the online world from different perspectives. so  some of the benefits of an Ebook include:

1.Faster – Even can produce an Ebook much faster than traditional printed brochures, pamphlets, or catalogs.

2.Accessible –. Virtually any device can access ebooks that is connected to the internet. And even Smartphones, tablets, e-readers as well as laptops and desktops can access an Ebook.

3 Reusable –it is reusable that is  without a complete re-write, you can leverage your Ebook in multiple channels such as social media, industry events, and your web site. And you can also send your Ebook to your email subscribers once a year, making only minor revisions where needed.

4 Printable –Even if you desire to have a print version of your Ebook the effort is relatively simple.

5.Interactive – With an Ebook online you can request readers to provide their comments and feedback.  It is an invaluable marketing tool that lets you respond more personally. o those who could be converted to customers.

7.Flexible – you can include links to YouTube videos, presentations, and other online resources as part of your Ebook.With the benefits of utilizing an Ebook you can leverage this tool as a highly selling ebooks effective marketing technique.  Your current  customers can also benefit as well as new leads.  It has the experience and skills to develop high caliber content and manage the online publishing process for your Ebook.

Now, let us see the benefits and advantages of ebooks :

1. They deliver ebooks almost instantaneously and you can purchase or download. You can even start reading them within minutes, without leaving your chair and you also don’t need to go to a bookstore selling ebooks to buy them, neither wait for them for days, weeks and sometimes more to arrive in the mail.

2. There is no wastage of trees as there is no need of papers.

3. Whenever you need a certain information you can get automatically by downloading ebook.

4. Now days many ebooks are sold  with bonuses, which you usually do not get with a printed book. This adds value to your purchase.

5. Ebooks take up less space and you may be practically does not need any space to store them. You don’t need a library or a room for them and you can store hundreds and thousands of ebooks on your computer or reading device.

6. Ebooks are portable and you can carry a whole library of hundreds of books with you, on CD, in a laptop, notebook or any ebook reader, without worrying about their weight.

7. Since technology has taken a vast reach so you can read ebooks everywhere, on the bus, train, airplane, and while standing in line.

8. You can even carry with you a great number of ebooks wherever you may go which makes you cannot do with ordinary books.

9. It can even show you links, for easy access to more information and related websites.

10. They are searchable and you can easily search for any information in an ebook, instead of turning page after page.

There are more to the list

11. It can become interactive and contain audio, video and animations, which can enhance the message that the author is trying to convey.

12. They  are  printable, so that if you wish to read an ebook in the traditional way, you can very inexpensively print it with your home printer or at any printing shop.

13. One benefit is that fonts in ebooks can be resized, making it easier to read for people with disabilities and with the use of additional software it is possible.

14. Ecommerce books are very easy to sell and distribute.

15. It is very simple and easy to purchase and download an ebook and people living in big modernized cities, in a remote village in a far away country or on a small island, can equally access an selling ebooksebook and it also takes them the same amount of time to purchase and download an ebook, provided they have an Internet connection.

16.And  It is possible to purchase an ebook 24 hours a day, every day of the year, from the comfort of your own house or office and  you can even buy and download an ebook, even if you are on a vacation. And one thing you need is good internet with laptop.

17. People are also already spending a lot of time in front of their computers, so why not read and ebook, instead of doing something else.

Steps to write an Ebook are as follows:

1.You may choose a topic that matches your audience’s needs.

2.try to outline each chapter of your ebook.

3.try Break down each chapter as you write. may design your ebook.

5. Involve the use the right colors.

6. Use of Incorporate visuals.

7.try to highlight the quotes

8.Place the appropriate calls-to-action within your ebook.

9. Make it convertable that is it be converted to PDF

10.make sure to create  a dedicated landing page for your ebook.

11. Don’t forget to promote your ebook and track its success.


At last we can conclude by saying that  e-journals were an adjustment for libraries, taking users to the web interface rather than to the building, but e-books  especially subscription model for books that cannot be loaned to other libraries and take an even more direct hit at what it means to be a library. Many involvers face struggle together through the conversion to an electronic format again, and surprisingly little help comes from the lessons learned with e-journals. These books have taken a long time to develop, but now they are emerging as a dominant and important format in libraries’ collections and becoming the tipping point for the electronic format in general.


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