Blogging for beginners: How to Start with Successful Blog in 2020


Blogging for beginners

Blogging helped me find my first job and earn money on the side. We all know that blogging has the best source to earn as a site passive earning blog in 2020. day most of the students and others are already doing blogging and with that, they are generating a  quite best passive income through Blogging. 

For Everyone, it’s not like a part-time job. ut when there is a point of earning then we have to look for many sources. From where we can earn a best self-other earnings to full fill our demands. So for that Blogging Career path is best to choose right there in 2020.

Pls, Note – That this guide is around 5 min Depending on the speed of Reading might be it could belong but the main prospect for this is to get you a brief and explained knowledge about the blogging career and how you can use it as your growth.

These are the steps to follow – 

In the rest of the guide, you will learn about Best CMS that is WordPress. And will be explaining more and more terms about it. And why you should use WordPress only for blogging for beginners and how it can help you with ranking. Most of us has these questions How do I start a blog with no money?

Blogging for Beginners – Points to Remember

As We all heard that blogging is not that easy for blogging we have to be more aware. And also have to be more focused on different things. While doing blogging you might get more knowledge as well as experience about this field. That how blogging can change your career path in a nice direction.

 If you are familiar with these things, you can create a blog in 15-20 minutes or even less:

Steps need to be prepared while Starting

  1.  We don’t have to directly jump into blogging without any ideas beginners. Always try to look and analyze that blogging could be better for you or not.
  2. Time – Can you give the actually needed time for the blogging career.
  3. Effort – As after giving your time towards blogging would you be able to give your 1000%.
  4. Uniqueness – This is a major part of a blogging career that everyone has to be aware that is content uniqueness. The more unique you will be the more and more user engagement you will get through that.
  5. Mindset – Here most of the thing arises in our brain. hat some of this niche would be nice to work on or we should choose any other niche.

Steps to Start – 

  1. Domain – First of all we have to be aware of the domain. As it is the main brand that can make you will or can make you lose. For beginners blogging, it tries to get into the competitor’s domain name you are searching for. And after that choose the best one. You can also look for an Expired Domain where you will find all the expired and Deleted domains. Which actually has the best backlinks and citation trust flow on it, and as its old so google will make that domain more prioritized 
  2. Hosting – While choosing the Hosting most of us to use to look for the best cheap web hosting services or try to find the best hosting services provider in another country. So here we all know that we already heard about so many Hosting providers that are actually good for the hosting services.

    Here are some list of the best hosting providers –

  • Bluehost

  • Godaddy 
Blogging for beginners: How to Start with Successful Blog in 2020
  • Hostgator
Blogging for beginners: How to Start with Successful Blog in 2020
  • Site Ground
Blogging for beginners: How to Start with Successful Blog in 2020
Site Ground
  • Big Rock 
Blogging for beginners: How to Start with Successful Blog in 2020
Big Rock 

I will prefer Bluehost

With our experience, I always go with Bluehost as their customer satisfaction always comes under the point, and quietly their speed makes me happy.

  1. Niche Selection – Most of the blogger got confused at this step they use to look for the best niche to work on 2020 or some specified terms which can help you but try to look for the niche that you are already having an experienced for, if you will try to look for some different niche then might be you don’t be having any idea or knowledge about that niche. So choose it wisely and with the best experience you can achieve the goal.
  2. Updates about Search Engine – We know that SEO is the main top source to work with and to rank on it we have to be working very efficiently and with more hard work. So be aware of the updates which have been shared by Google. 
  3. Blogging Platform – After choosing all the terms you might be stuck on choosing the best CMS or any other platform where you can work on your blogging website or would that be a safe platform to work with. So here on which you can work.
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Drupal 
  • PHP(Coding Preferred)
  • Gator
  • Tumblr
  • Squarespace

Main Points on why you are creating a blog?

Is there any information or an idea you want to give to society or you want your content will help you to raise the main best source of income through this.

Nice blogging for beginners will be going to help you with the rest of the information and will educate, promote, and even sell out the services with a clear intention from the start.

  • Establish a great and valuable expertise
  • To enhance the level of creativity with their content.
  • To increase the growth of their content. 
  • Increase self-confidence which they already had.
  • Develop healthier networking around the globe 
  • To make money blogging
  • Many ways are there to make money by starting your own blog: the main terms are you can sell products like merchandise clothes or others. Else you can receive a great brand collaboration to promote their services, can help to earn from advertisements also – Most of the blogger use to give full time to their blogging career which is a healthier process to earn using it.

Select the best Platform to work on  

Find the best Domain Name which will help your brand for fast processing growth.

Find the best Hosting which will help you to proceed further and will quietly make your website speed fast.

After doing the above steps the main and crucial point rise which is the theme or template you should choose to work on. User Engagement is the main role to be taken care so be quick about that and build a great template.

Before you figure out how to begin a fruitful blog, you should initially discover your specialty, make sense of how to make it beneficial, and make sense of who your optimal users are. So, a specialty is a subject that you expound on regularly, or even solely, on your websites. Specialty blogging is making a blog to publicize to a specific market.

Self Hosted Platforms

Self-hosted stages permit you to run a blog utilizing your own space. Besides following your area enlistment center and web facilitating organization’s principles, you’re completely accountable for your blog and its substance.

You have a few options with regards to self-facilitated frameworks (additionally called a Content Management System or CMS). The most famous is This alternative is called a self-facilitated on the grounds that you will utilize your own recommended hosting facilitating space and names. On the off chance that you utilize our suggested facilitating organization, it will be cost only a couple of bucks for every month for the webspace (facilitating record), and you will get a FREE name (space) for the first year. The real CMS is generally open-source and free. Read More Articles


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