Digital marketing career opportunities Scope & Advantages in 2020


How easily can we start with Digital Marketing Career in 2020? This year has been famously called a bad one for all the disasters that it brought. The losses to businesses and all the other misfortunes that humanity had to face this year. Though one thing which cannot be ignored even if you do not consider it a positive thing is the effect it has had on the digital platforms and online presence of all the businesses. On one hand a lot of businesses where many businesses have been called obsolete. On the hand many have taken a step ahead and changed the look of their businesses completely.

These changes came by when the owners of these businesses turned towards digital marketing and creating a visible online presence. Digital marketing is rising in demand and many businesses are choosing to spend their time and money on digital marketing. Does this mean that one can easily start a career in digital marketing in 2020? Well, before answering that let’s look at digital marketing and its various aspects.

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a sub topic under the larger umbrella term of Marketing. It is basically the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising by using the internet and other online based digital technologies. The advent of digital marketing provided businesses with endless possibilities for gaining new customers by using platforms which were never used before.

Now that times have changed and digital marketing is as popular as traditional marketing or even more. It is crucial to understand its components. Today various aspects of digital marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, email direct marketing, display advertising, e–books, and optical disks and others are commonly used in marketing of various businesses.

Digital marketing career

Digital Marketing Career in India

In 2020, India has become one of the largest consumers of the internet surpassing many western countries of the world. Everyone uses the internet and all other social media platforms. But still the businesses for Digital Marketing Career remain a little wary of digital marketing. It is mostly because digital marketing remains a relatively new job avenue though the statistics are fast changing in 2020. It is due to the current pandemic which has everyone stuck inside left only with the internet to connect to the whole world of outsides.

These aspects are pushing businesses to branch out their promotions to digital marketing increasing its scope for everyone.

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These last decades have made sure that the internet is accessible to more and more people every day, converting it into a necessity rather than a luxury. Slowly and steadily everyone has come to believe and accept that internet or online platforms for Digital Marketing Career are the future of everything. Adding to that 2020 has only added to this acceleration of and now digital marketing has become a must especially due to the current situations. Though it is important to know that digital marketing is not just another expense. Rather it can be a solution to all your problems, so let us look at some of the advantages of digital marketing.

Higher Conversion Rate

Digital marketing has two fold benefits to conversion rate. It both increases the conversion rate and makes it easier to track it using simple methods. Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that complete a desired goal like buying the product, clicking, etc. out of the total number of visitors. Digital marketing allows you to measure the conversion rate through real-time using a simple method. It has effective communication channels with the customers which lets you see the conversion of a visitor into leads and then subscribers. This helps you to identify which kind of visitors turn in to lead and therefore helps you target them specifically.

Digital marketing career
Better Growth Options for Small business

Everyone knows the importance of digital marketing for large businesses but only a few understands its potential for the small businesses. These businesses can profit the most from digital marketing as they have a huge unexplored market just waiting for them. They are provided with an option of marketing within their budget while reaching a larger audience. They not only get to launch their product but also compete with the larger firms. A thing which would have been impossible with traditional marketing. Digital marketing makes it possible as it uses new and innovative techniques which are dependent on skills more than monetary expenditure. It focuses on small but effective methods to generate leads and to promote their business.

Establishing Brand Reputation

For any brand, building a reputation is not easy. It is a tedious job which requires lots of hard work and patience. All brands strive to build brand reputation as it is integral for survival. Past few years have proved that customers tend to prefer brands which do not have any scandals associated with it. Digital marketing today offers you multiple ways to establish a personal rapport with your customer base thereby encouraging them to pick you out of the lot brands.

  • Cost-Effective

Money is one of the most crucial resources for any business especially the small and local ones. That’s where digital marketing comes to the rescue. It like the internet gives you the scope to reach out to many customers at the same time and while remaining in your budget. It allows you to plan your marketing strategy in a way that meets your goal without overspending. This becomes possible as when you feel that the budget might exceed you can narrow your choices and might choose to target your niche audiences. This is something which is not possible in traditional marketing.

Digital marketing methods allow small-to-midsize businesses to compete with larger companies even with a lower budget.  

  • Expanding audience Reach

Reaching your audience is effectively accelerating the growth of your business. Digital marketing helps you do that to your fullest potential. It helps you reach that potential by erasing the limitations of scope, size, place, etc. Since digital marketing takes place online, it becomes accessible to the global audience and reaches more people than traditional marketing. No restrictions of geography, time, place and even language allows the businesses to grow faster.

Digital marketing career

5 Reasons for choosing digital marketing as a career

Life in the 21st century forces you to a fast paced living and people expect the same pace in work life as well. Though the truth is, work life is hardly able to match that pace. Digital marketing on the other hand is an ever changing field which requires one to be on their toes, by being updated about everything that’s happening in the digital world. It is a dynamic job which has a wide range of scopes to earn, grow and even experiment. Let us look at some of the many reasons to choose digital marketing as a career:

1.   Digital Marketing Jobs Are in High Demand

As we discussed above digital marketing is becoming more and more popular and in demand. Companies are hiring more and more people to do various tasks related to digital marketing. Therefore this job is becoming high in demand whereas the supply remains low. Now the basic economics tells us that whenever demand is higher than supply, the value of the product increases, in this case the product being a career in digital marketing. This way the competition becomes a little less as there are already less people qualified for the job.

Digital marketing career

2.  Get Paid More than Your Peers

Digital marketing creates a large sum of profits for the business which automatically means the person doing it will have a huge pay cheque as well. Anyone who has the relevant and professional skills to get the job have great salaries and other similar benefits. Sometimes, individuals with the right skills can negotiate for great salaries but also land great benefits and perhaps even bonuses depending on their role. Good salaries are not offered initially one can easily negotiate it for themselves. This career is a lot of smartness, techniques and basically getting the best results, all these things and this job can make you a rich person.

Digital Marketing Career
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3.  Start Your Career Easily

Now, this career is not like all the regular careers of marketing, advertising, etc. where you first need a degree, then internship and so on.  You can start your digital marketing career with as less as previous experience and a great skills set. Once you enter this field, your career gets a boost which guides your future prospects at other job opportunities. Digital marketing is all about creativity, talent, skills and getting the results for your clients. Since this job doesn’t require any compulsory college education, you can start to learn at any given time in your life and still succeed in a way that you want. It is because in this job the only thing that matters is your work and nothing else.

Digital Marketing Career
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4. Flexible Work Arrangements

Since digital marketing is an online job, it is very flexible in terms of time and place. It is only on very few occasions that a meeting is deemed necessary. Therefore being able to work from anywhere anytime is a great joy of working in this line. Given that most of these jobs consist of young, tech-savvy people working for newer and modern companies, they are allowed to have flexible schedules or even work 100% remote arrangements. This allows the employee to have greater independence regarding the workflow and ensures the creative freedom necessary for the job. It also has personal benefits as it lets you maintain a healthy balance if personal and professional balance.

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  1. Digital Marketing Allows Plenty of Opportunity to Freelance

Sometimes full time jobs can be a bit too much and one might not be able to use their full potential. That’s when jobs in digital marketing helps, these are one of the few jobs which allows you to do freelance work. This not only becomes a great earning opportunity but also an experience whose benefits can be extracted in future job prospects. Even with the digital marketing job, freelancing work gets you out of the zone and lets you explore. This gives rise to more creative and innovative ideas and helps do your job better. Not all jobs allow freelancing whether it is against the company policy or the lack of time.

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Digital marketing is the future and it’s time that you start reaping the benefits of this in your life. Invest you time, money and energy wisely and it will give all of these and more in return.

Start today and you’re already ahead millions!


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