Look for the best 10 Universities in New York in 2020


Look for the best 10 Universities in New York in 2020. It is the Home of Broadway, Wall Street, Lady Liberty and more, New York City also boasts a world-class selection of universities. And all of these are featured within the QS World University Rankings® 2020. With an additional three universities located near the city and together. They can make New York City one of the most popular study destinations in the world, as shown by its rank of 18th in the QS.

Best Student Cities 2018 so to help you decide where you might like to study in New York City. Now let us see the city’s top universities, based on the latest world rankings which are as follows :

1. Fordham University :

The rank is 801-1000 in the QS World University Rankings 2020. Fordham University calls itself the Jesuit University of New York. Specializes in liberal arts, sciences and business. There are 10 colleges in Fordham University. Four for undergraduates. And Six for postgraduates so these enroll around 16,037 students in total. This is with two main campuses in New York City and the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx.

And Lincoln Center in Manhattan and as well as a much smaller campus in West Harrison, about 25 miles north of Manhattan this Fordham University’s Rose Hill campus is close to the Little Italy area. Historically associated with Italian migrants and Still characterized by Italian restaurants and shops, while the Lincoln Center is close to the south-east corner of Central Park.

( Source by : usnews.com)

2. Stevens Institute of Technology :

Since this is located in the neighboring state of New Jersey, the Stevens Institute of Technology sneaks into our list of top universities in New York. Due to its location across the river from Manhattan Island. It is ranked in the 651-700 range in this year’s world rankings and is situated on a 55-acre campus in Hoboken on the west bank of the Hudson River. Stevens Institute of Technology provides a nearby escape from the city center. Offering up some stunning views of NYC’s famous skyline as its image would identify the Stevens Institute.

Technology has a strong focus on engineering, science and technology subjects, marketing itself as the Innovation University. However it also offers degrees in arts and humanities subjects. More than 5000 students are enrolled at the Stevens Institute of Technology. More than half at postgraduate level.

Universities in New York
( Source by : Stevens.edu)

3. City University of New York (CUNY) :

Since many of the universities which are been listed here are mostly the private one. The City University of New York (CUNY) is NYC’s public university system. The rank is near across 601 in the world. It is the largest urban university system in the US. 24 colleges spread across Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn (plus one on Staten Island). This is with 274,000 students are enrolled in a huge variety of courses.

And starting from vocational training to PhD research, full-time study to evening classes, the City University of New York almost certainly has a program to match. It also do pride on having the strongest connections with the city’s neighborhoods. Running a network of internship and fellowship programs across the five boroughs to enrich study life.

4. The New School :

It is been ranked 561-570 in the most recent world university rankings. The New School (previously named New School University). This celebrates its centenary this year. It has more than 10,000 students, of which around 30 percent are international. The New School has its main campus in the artistic environs of the Village. An apt location as the institution focuses largely on the arts, humanities and social sciences. Its seven academic divisions are: liberal arts, music, drama, jazz and contemporary music, public engagement, social research, and design among it the great and famous alumni. So that the New School boasts the forerunners in several artistic fields, including actor Bradley Cooper, fashion designer Tom Ford and composer Burt Bacharach.

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5. Yeshiva University :

It is been ranked as joint 359th in the world in 2020 and this university is another of the top research-focused universities in New York. It was been founded nearly 100 years ago. And with the mission of combining the traditions and culture with Western heritage. This explores Jewish life through art, architecture and history. And relatively small university compared to most of the other universities in New York listed here Yeshiva has around 6,300 students, of which just over 2,570 are undergraduates. So with campuses and facilities spread across Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens boroughs (and some in Israel), Yeshiva University’s main campus is in the Washington Heights area of Upper Manhattan.

Universities in New York

6.New York University (NYU) :

New York University is another one of the top universities in New York City. Ranked among the world’s best, up four places this year to rank 39th and notably New York University. And has a strong focus on internationalization, with a number of branch campuses around the world. An impressive study abroad program And as well as Helping its own student while spending time in the abroad. It also counts a large number of international students among its extensive student community while NYU has several.

Universities in New York
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  7. Columbia University :

Columbia University is currently joint 18th in the QS World University Rankings. This makes it the 10th best university in the US. Another member of the prestigious Ivy League, its famous alumni include US President Barack Obama.

A world-leading center of research, Columbia University has a strong offering across the full subject spectrum. Including the top 10 for English language and literature, earth and marine sciences, history, anatomy and law. It has a central location in the Upper West Side of Manhattan – close to the northern tip of Central Park and just off Broadway, the boulevard which gives its name to New York’s famous theater scene.It boasts a highly diverse faculty (over 4,200 academic staff) and the third-largest international student population of any US university, with 36 percent of its 33,032 students coming from outside the US.

8. Cornell University

Universities in New York

The university is been ranked 14th in the world. Making it the best university in New York City. One of the best in the country and a member of the prestigious Ivy League group. It offers a range of both academic and more vocational courses. Known for being the first US university to offer a degree in veterinary medicine and Cornell University also bears the title of the first US university to teach modern Far-Eastern languages.

Cornell University’s main campus is in Ithaca, around 200 miles to the north-west of the city. But it has a strong presence in NYC. And in September 2017 the university opened the innovative ‘Cornell Tech.

Engineering campus on Roosevelt Island (the island located in the middle of the river that separates Manhattan Island and the borough of Queens), creating 28,000 jobs.

These are Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick (ranked joint 262nd in the world, up 21 places). The University of Delaware (joint 491st) and Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey, Newark (651-700) and It is been located outside the New York City but still close by, these universities may appeal to you for their quieter surroundings and less expensive living costs.


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