Pro Tips for Successful Salary Negotiation with HR: Proven Ways


Pro Tips for Successful Salary Negotiation with HR: Proven Ways| We all know that negotiating pay can be difficult when you take a new job at an organization, and it continues to be a challenge throughout the employee life cycle but also with the correct preparation and it can be a whole lot easier. So one of the best ways to improve negotiation skills for individuals is to remove some of the mystery around the topic of pay. And keeping that in mind here are the five things that HR may wish you knew whenever it comes to the salary negotiation:

 The question is that Do you really want to a job that pays you :

1. Rs 50,000/- to Rs 60,000/- Per Month or

2. Rs 70,000/- to Rs 75,000/- Per Month or

3. Rs 85,000/- to Rs 100,000/- Per Month

Salary Negotiation

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Now you have to choose that which one you would like so if you really want a job that pays you this much amount then you will obviously need right skills and also for the successful salary negotiations with Human Resource (HR) manager. If you are fullfilling the right skills for the job but to get maximum salary you need to negotiate with them. 

Salary Negotiation
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The process of negotiation includes the following stages:

1. Preparation

2. Discussion

3. Clarification of goals

4. Negotiate towards a Win-Win outcome

5. Agreement

6. Implementation of a course of action

Salary Negotiation
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The points which you should consider while salary negotiation are as follows:

Salary Negotiation
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1. Avoid not to Start with Asking that “What would be my Salary? ”

You should avoid asking this that “What is going to be my Salary” Well! This reflects your bad manners. Avoid giving the direct number or put across a demand in front your HR. This should be a vice versa process that your HR should ask from you “what is your salary expectation”. So you should wait for the moment until your HR ask you about your salary. And normally, fresher just coming out of a college makes this mistake and gives a bad impression about himself. Thus you may avoid asking about salary in starting.

2. Show Your Worth 

You will really need to impress your HR who is conducting your interview. Also during the course of interview you need to show your worth that you are the most capable person for a particular job .And the HR must get an impression of the candidate he is talking to is perfect for the job or not. Therefore you must have to develop that kind of personality and this is very important for a successful salary negotiation. And It is better that you realize in the beginning of the interview.

3. Listen, Understand and Respond to the Interviewer

Think that for a successful salary negotiation you need to listen, understand and then respond to the HR manager and you have to patiently listen word by word what your HR is trying to say. Also you need to understand what he wants from you also after that you have understood his problem then you must respond appropriately and your answer must be convincing to him.

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 4. Try to show Interest in the discussion about your Job

During the interview going on you must show your  interest to HR manager and also must have done all the necessary research pertaining to your job profile.So try to make your conversation very knowledgeable so that you are able to present some valuable facts and related data. And a good research for your job is very important thing.

5. Try to persuade or convince that you have Enough Experience to do their Job

During the going course of the interview you have to persuade your HR that you are the perfect candidate for the job that company wants. Negotiating of the salary is only successful when the HR manager is totally convinced by you. So for persuading apart from good academic qualification and skills you need a developed personality. And  do your research about the job you are applying thoroughly.

6. Keep Away your Personal Life While Conversation

In the going discussion you should never bring in your personal life and this is another bad manner. So if you are having problems in your personal life or you are going through a tough time then you must be mentally prepared enough to hide your problems. Therefore during the entire conversation HR must not get an impression that you are in trouble and want a job immediately.    

 7. Try to be Prepared for Adjusting with the Work Culture of the Job

In any interview you may go this is very normal that HR expects something from you and you expect something from HR so if your job is bit challenging then you must be able to co-operate  with the work culture. Also it may be the working hours, co-workers etc.If you want a good salary then you have to make small compromises in your life.

8. Appreciate What Interviewee Wants From You

We all know that the salary negotiation is only successful when you are able to appreciate what HR manager wants from you. And a job requires certain skills and other requirements from a candidate and you must be able to fulfill all those requirements.If you will are able to appreciate.

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9. Be Realistic About Your Salary Expectations

After the ending of all the discussion and discourse you come to the bottom line and in the bottom line would your salary expectation from the HR. So your expectation must be realistic and it means, if a job could pay you salary of Rs 45,000/- to Rs 50,000/- per month then you should not demand for Rs 120,000/- per month.

For a job with a salary of Rs 45,000/- you could expect HR to raise up to Rs 55,000/- to Rs 64,000/- at best but not Rs 120,000/-.So you should keep in mind that your salary expectation should be genuine and HR could meet that demand.

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10. Nothing is Final so try to be Flexible

The role of Flexibility is a great attribute that you could have and in a salary negotiation you should be always ready to concede something if you want to gain something. So to be flexible and adjusting with regard to your job. And if the HR is ready to pay you more then you have to adjust with the working culture and nothing is final here and you must able to adjust yourself in order to get best salary.

11. Not to Beg and be Ready to Walk Away From the Interview

If you are feeling that the entire salary negotiation is not successful or fruitful then you must be confident enough to walk away from the interview. Also note that this is not the last opportunity for you. You will get many jobs like these & even best government jobs. So you must not even beg as if you are desperate for the job.

Also if you  are feeling that you are not getting the amount that you deserve the walk away politely and always keep in mind that  not every salary negotiation is successful. 

So these are the some successful salary negotiation points with the HR just go upon it and read it and find the tips for your better future.


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