Top 15 benefits of working with government Jobs in India


There are many advantages of working with government of India: Everyone wants ti get government jobs as their are many benefits and they prepare for competitive exams to get government jobs and their future is secure. The commonly  abbreviation used are G-job.  The main origin during the WWII, some sensitive tasks were given directly to a worker, his supervisor might not be authorized to know exactly what it was. So the response when the supervisor questions what appears to be personal work done on company time: “it’s government work.

Nowdays mainly almost all the people are interested in getting government job and struggling a lot for it and even some people come forward to give bribe for getting government job and getting government jobs in some illegal way and the reason for this craziness is safety and secure.

Many government employees having a lot of benefits compared with private sector employees as well as they have job security and pension for the retired period. The person who is doing his job in a government sector will get more salary compared to the person who is working the same designation in a private concern. Government employees are having lot of benefits, increments and incentives compared with private employees as well as they will get a good amount of DA, HRA and bonus percentage in regular manner and almost all the children of government employee will get more benefits in their study place as well as getting placement in various jobs and a lot of schemes and offers choices like medical, loan, insurance and other benefits are available for government employee.

The 10 Most Popular Types of Government Jobs are as follows:

And criteria like the rates of bonus, Arrears, Medical allowance and other allowances are higher for a government employee compared to a person who is working in a private sector. Their job is safe and secured one. And also even the person who is working in a government sector will get a good pension after his retirement. If he or she has  lost his life during work period, one of his family member have the chance to get the same job or other job from the government sector with a good salary and kind of good benefits will attract a lot of persons and made them to get a government job at any cost.

In government jobs  we get good pension plans, regular working hours, a sense of civic duty—there are many reasons why you may be interested in a government job and there is even a public sector employment in many industries including and beyond the civil service. Now here are the top ZipRecruiter jobs in government.

1. School Counselor:

Benefits of Government jobs

They  advise students and help them understand and overcome behavioral or social problems through individual or group counseling. Also help students set realistic academic and career goals and provide individual and group Benefits of Government jobs counseling based on learning needs. They work with teachers, parents, and administrators to develop strategies to help students succeed.

2. Librarian:

Benefits of Government jobs

They do everything from a  organizing community events and programs and  helping the  professionals and students research scholarly and public information and their research skills can be utilized to find obscure legal records, Benefits of Government jobs business competitor data, or recommend the perfect book for a student project. Even they also educate their patrons on technology at the library.

3. Social Worker:

Benefits of Government jobs
Schoolgirl holding plate of lunch in school cafeteria

Their is a variety of public institutions employ social workers. The workers usually  counsel individuals and communities to cope with everyday stresses and life issues. They assess their client’s situation Benefits of Government jobs. Then advocate on their behalf for community resources. Even the job of a social worker requires an empathetic and supportive individual with a genuine desire to improve the lives of others.

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4. Special Education Teacher:

Benefits of Government jobs

The Special education teachers primarily work for public school districts. They collaborate with other teachers and specialists, such as psychologists, to assist students who have a wide range of disabilities. They develop lessons to teach the general curriculum to these students based on the needs and abilities of the student. It also work with students on more remedial skills, if required.

5. Police Officer:

They are the law enforcement agents for cities or regions and are the sworn to protect and serve the citizens of the jurisdiction they represent. They are also responsible for crime detection and prevention. The apprehension of criminals. The first job of a police officer is to keep the neighborhoods, streets safe and Police officers must graduate from the police academy in order to join the force.

6. Firefighter:

They are only  responsible for protecting the community and are esponding to emergency situations, performing emergency medical care, and of course, putting out fires. They also educate the community on fire safety, and how to conduct physical drills and training. Technical people  go through several months of physical and classroom instruction.

7. Athletic Director:

Athletic directors usually manage the sports programs at educational institutions from middles schools to universities and they oversee the development of the department. Even the background of an athletic director will depend on the type of institution.And some of them start as coaches and others come from business. An athletic director sees the budget for the department, and the upkeep of the facilities, and coaching staff decisions.

8. Correctional Officer:

They usually over see  and monitor the prisoner behavior and activities within state, federal, and private prison facilities and are responsible for enforcing prison rules, conducting personal, building and cell searches, transporting prisoners, documenting inmate behavior and ensuring the safety of all those imprisoned and working within the confines of the prison.

9. EMT:

EMTs respond to emergency calls and perform medical services for sick or injured patients at the most crucial time and wiith speed and care, they transport patients to hospital emergency rooms and keep patients stable with the help of paramedics. They are also responsible for moving patients between facilities. They  must complete a certification course. Further training is required to become a paramedic.

10. Teacher:

Teachers are always  responsible for educating students and preparing them for the next grade level and, eventually, the working world. And becoming a teacher can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career choice for people who enjoy helping and inspiring others. Since to work in public schools, teachers must have a bachelor’s degree and complete graduate level training.

What is importance of getting government jobs or why Government Jobs Are Important In India?

A growing & rising trend has been seen in recent years that more and more people are opting for government jobs and the main reason behind this is that government jobs secure the people’s life in India and usually  the beside salary factor, there are pension and other benefits and most importantly job security that make Government jobs in India more and more popular and to get a good job with a good income is the dream of every individual. And every year, the GOI release many job opportunities in various divisions. The sectore like  government jobs, or in normal hindi terminology, Sarkari Naukri in India is basically divided into two divisions namely:

1.Central Government Jobs:  The central government jobs they usually pertain to departments like central soil department, income tax department, Central Railways, and other departments like judiciary, executive etc.

2.State Government Jobs: They include department like fiinancial institution, educational institution, banking institution, judiciary, and other departments like Forest and Animal husbandry etc.

Now let us see the benefits of central government & state government are as follows :

The main benefits that the employees get in Government jobs are :

1. Firstly they get monthly Basic Salary + Dearness Allowances + House rent

2.  Gratuity, which means 15 days salary for one year.

3. They will get bonus every year.

Ans the retirement Benefits, which include provident fund, gratuity, salary arrears, insurance if any etc.

The Pension benefits of Central Government & State Government Employees are as follows :

1. The employee will get the half of his salary as a pension after his retirement.

2. Even the  wife gets the pension if the employee dies and asfter the employee’s death, some pension is also given to the employee’s child if the child is handicapped.

3. It has always been rightly said that the government Jobs are like a bullet proof jacket for a family . The government jobs give proper security and safety to the employee and his family. Loans can be easily availed by govt employees for education, marriages etc.

4. Facilities like  Medical expenses are also been  provided.

To get a government  job is not so easy and it is based on written test and interview and appropriate qualifications to qualify the job and there are yearly vacancies for banks, railways, universities, colleges etc. for which you need to be fully prepared and  Since from home ministry to planning commission, from Doordarshan to Akashvani, from public sector unit to government led banks, there are lucrative govt jobs in India. And mostly all the  Indian citizens opt for the government appointment to have better facilities & better living conditions. And the craze of Govt. Jobs in India is still stable and enthusiastic, inspite of several multinational companies in the country. These jobs give you the guarantee for whole life. Govt. Jobs in India are known for their reliability and credibility and huge monetary benefits altogether.

Benefits of Government jobs are as follows:

As we all know that as the year passes there are many number of  Government job aspirants is increasing at an alarming rate in India  and More and more no of students are applying for Government job posts each year.Here are some of the main benefits offered by Government jobs –

1 Good salary: this plays one of the major role that is Mostly all the Government jobs are well paying. A Government person gross salary usually consists of TA, DA, Rent and other allowances. And when they are  combined, the gross salary that they obtain turns out to be a decent amount! So This fact is especially true when it comes to skill based jobs. For example, a Government organization’s driver earns better salary that an private sector driver.

2 Job Security: they t jobs offer unparalleled job security. Govt employees are rarely fired on basis of their performance. While layoffs based on performance is a common occurence in the private sector.

3 Perks and bonuses: on the basis of performance the government employees will  get to enjoy decent perks and bonuses.

4 Retirement life benefits : The Government employees get to enjoy good post-retirement benefits. 

5 Medical benefits: since availing decent medical care has become much costly at present. Hence the government employees get to enjoy decent medical cover for themselves and their family.

6 Fixed working hours : Many of the  Government jobs have fixed working hours and this fact is not true in cases of some Government jobs such as – Police Force, Armed Forces, Drivers, Railways etc.

7 Availability of decent amount of off-days: Mostly all  of the Government employees get to enjoy a decent number of holidays per year and this  fact is not at all true in cases of some Government jobs such as – Police Force, Armed Forces, Drivers, Railways etc.

8 Work-life balance: the government employees are able to maintain a good work-life balance.

There are many courses which a student can do or prepare : 

1  Forensic Science courses after 12th

2  Hostess courses after 12th

3.B.Sc. courses after 12th

4 Engineering courses after 12th

5.Courses after 12th 

6.Science Biology Group courses after 12th

7 Online courses after 12th

8.ITI courses after 12th

9.Sports courses after 12th

10.Nutrition courses after 12th

11 B.Des. courses after 12th

12 Teacher Training courses after 12th

13 merchant Navy courses after 12th

14.Diploma courses after 12th

15 Fashion Design courses after 12th

16 event Management courses after 12th

17.home Science courses after 12th

18 Travel and Tourism courses after 12th

19.Animation Courses after 12th

20.Fire and Safety courses after 12th

21.Interior Design courses after 12th

22 Optometry courses after 12th

23 Nursing courses after 12th

Let us focus now on Online courses and Degrees:


Best Computer courses in India

1. CCNA course

2.Web Designing courses

3 Data Entry courses

4.Digital Marketing courses

5 Hardware and Networking courses

6.Blockchain Technology courses


List of best careers in India

1.Commercial Pilot

2.Chartered Accountant

3.Company Secretary

4 IAS Officer

5 IPS Officer


7.Indian Army Open Bharti

List of government jobs after 12th


1 List of entrance exams

2 Law entrance exams

3 MBA entrance exams

4 Engineering entrance exams

5 Medical entrance exams

The various TESTS are :

1 GATE Preparation

2 SAT Preparation

3 GRE Preparation

4 NTSE Preparation 

One of the applicants from both cost and staff time perspectives and nce the finalists are selected, the checks can be performed on the small group. The advantages  of running the checks at this time is so that there is no added delay if the chosen finalist turns down the job offer and all of the  organizations wait until they are ready to make a job offer until they run the checks so they do not incur the cost of running checks on individuals they will not hire.

6. Interviews Are Conducted:

The groups of finalists are usually composed of three to five people and the number of finalists to be interviewed and how many people will be conducting the interviews largely determines how long the interview process will take and if there are only a handful of finalists to be interviewed, the process may only take a week to conduct all of the interviews. So however, if there are many finalists and interviewers, the process will likely take much longer.

7. New Hire Is Selected:

As the interview process has been over then the interviews have been conducted the interviewer or the interview panel decides which finalist will receive the job offer as well as the rank order of the other finalists in case the current finalist had not accepted the job offer.

8. Job Offer has been Extended:

A job offer is been then extended to the chosen finalist, which is usually done verbally so that salary and start date negotiations can begin and a letter documenting what the hiring manager and chosen finalist agreed to is sent to the chosen finalist to accept 

9. Job Offer Is Accepted

10. Candidates Not Selected Are Notified


At last we can conclude by saying that the advantages of government jobs are not always tangible and perhaps the greatest positive is in fact intangible and the risk of sounding is just like a idealists here, working in the public sector gives you opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of others. And governments work for the greater good for all of society and thus  ensuring quality education, you help people for life and by maintaining parkland, you’re helping the environment and wildlife for the future. Then, it’s only a matter of time before you’re guaranteeing free transport and a host of other things. Well, maybe. One step at a time.


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