Top 20 Mistakes to avoid while Studying in College


Top 20 Mistakes to avoid while Studying in College. You should never try to do cheating. d do not  even think about it the hard classes are inevitable and the pressure is real. The cheating is not worth delaying your college education, disappointing your parents, and embarrassing yourself.

1. Never try to do cheating:

Yes, this question is slanted, but that’s for a reason: to encourage you to not cheat. If you are ever contemplating cheating, ask yourself this question:. is it better to take a blow in the class. Studying in College which can be made up by extra credit. Or be expelled and have to explain why you are not going back to the college.

Top 20 Mistakes to avoid while Studying in College
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2. Do not try to be disrespectful:

We all know that by giving respect, we get respect. o being polite to others is something we have hopefully mastered in kindergarten. Always say thank you, please, sorry when needed when you get the point. While going beyond that, it is very important to respect others space. So do not  take hour long showers, clean up after any hair left behind. Studying in College try not to invade your dorm mates’ personal space by leaving your things around, etc. Also avoid being oblivious to your surroundings. o what you would want others to do when it comes to sharing a space with a handful of people.

3. Do not have bad hygiene:

Do not try to be a hindrance and keep yourself clean by taking frequent showers, wearing clean clothes, brushing . If you don’t do these,chances of making new friends, having study buddies, and expanding your social life will decrease.

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Top 20 Mistakes to avoid while Studying in College
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4. Try to avoid Drinking/partying too much:

Since drinking and partying is legal, people do it. Drinking little is fine but as long as you stay within your limit. But this does not mean you are at liberty in College.

Even missing class because you’re sick is understandable. ut skipping out due to late night partying is honestly pretty disappointing. You are paying so much for college so do not let carelessness lead to regret.

Top 20 Mistakes to avoid while Studying in College
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5. Avoid skipping the classes:

We know the importance of money and we even know that how much our parents are spending money on us. So why to waste the money while bunking the classes and studying from youtube. o always attend the classes and never skip or bunk the classes it will loss you only not the teachers or professors.

 6. Try to forget your school work :

You must now foregt what has happened in school since now you are in college. And it is a new phase of your life which will lead you towards the success. So try to forget whatever happened in school whether anything about your friendship or a incident which had hurt you. Make new friends in college and live a sweet and happy life.

7. Buying from the bookstore :

Since we all know how convenient it is to buy from the bookstore on campus, price also matters. And there are better, cheaper alternatives to buying from the campus bookstore. For example,,, and Amazon (Prime). There are many websites to buy or rent textbooks that are half as expensive as the ones found in bookstores. And also some colleges offer their students Amazon Prime for about six months. his allows students to receive free shipping within two days.

Other options for obtaining affordable textbooks and supplies include joining your college’s “textbooks exchange group” and “for sale group”. f all else fails and you’re on a tight budget, you can always try searching online for the free pdf versions of your textbooks.

Top 20 Mistakes to avoid while Studying in College
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8. Procrastinating.

If procrastinating is intrinsic in your nature, fear not, there are ways you can get help. n Pinterest or even the  Google, search up “how to study for an exam” weeks before any major upcoming test. Try to take  notes on what you find, plan it out, and follow through. The same applies to homework and papers/essays.

Try to avoid all-nighters as much as possible. And if you know you can save your health and get maximum why not start improving your habit of now? In fact, open another tab right now and start researching tips on how to not procrastinate.

9. Eating junk food and not exercising :

This is been done by many of us eating a lot of junk food and even not exercising this is very simply said that eliminate junk food and hit the gym. Note that you do not even have to go to the gym, Studying in College you can simply just walk outside or do a six-minute workout in your room  yes, this exists and you should definitely look it up for more ideas. By looking for the junk food try to replace late night study snacks with healthy ones such as nuts, fruits, or granola bars.

Even I do not believe this until I actually tried it but drinking plenty of water throughout the day actually helps you stay awake when needed yes I am not kidding it really helps you, we feel totally energized and awake without a single drop of caffeine, Red bull, or Nutella. 

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10. Going out alone at night:

Never go out alone at the night whether it be studying late at the library or having a late class at night, there is no reason why you should put your life at risk and why are you walking out alone in the dark. Try to use your campus’s safety escort program it does not matter if you are a male or female, just use it so you don’t have to deal with criminals, muggers, or wildlife.

If you are probably paying a lot to be at your school so it would be in your best interest to make use of the money you’re paying by using the services your college has to offer.

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 11. Do not look Down at Your Phone While Walking:

While using phone and walking in the campus you will walk into bikers, buses, and trees and you may also miss out the making of an eye contact with the new friends, old friends, and attractive strangers. You should use fewer phones in college but no use of phone while walking as it may hurt you and harm you a lot.

12. Text, Tweet, or Post It While Drunk or Angry:

Never and ever drink in your life it is very harmful for your body and health and do not try to text or tweet while you are drunk as it may affect your professional life .You may sober up and cool down, but your pictures, posts, and texts will last forever and ever.

13. Do not Eat Pizza and Cookies at 2 a.m. every night:

Always try to have a healthy diet as this will keep your body fit and fine. While eating these not useful items will make your body weight high and then if you want to reduce your weight it is very difficult .Additionally you will get weak and it will affect your studies and examinations. So always try to have a good balanced diet and a completely essential daily guide to achieving the good life.

14.Do not try to copy the assignment work:

Assignment is for checking that whether the student has understood the concept or not , rather than copying and submitting it will never help you and then you have to face the circumstances in examinations. So always try to do the assignment by yourself you may ask your guide to help you whenever you are in need of help everyone will help you to come out of that situation. 

15. Do not try to fight :

Try not to fight with anyone in the campus unnecessary this will affect you college performance record , be polite to everyone and respect your seniors and juniors this may help you even in future.

16. Do not bunk from college:

We all know that many students bunk from college and then go to movie , hotels and park to enjoy with their friends by telling lie at their home . Many parents know that there child has gone to college but the seen is totally different . So never ever do this thing and  broking your parents trust on you and making them feel bad. 

17. Limit Yourself to One Group of Friends :

Friends are those which will help you whenever you are in need so work to create good groups of friends with whom you can do something stupidity, enjoyment and studies. The good friends play very important role in your college life they will guide you and will show you a proper way of success.

18. Do not try to steal anything 

19. Do not say lie to your professors:

Never say lie to anyone always take the use of truth as teachers are the god they may catch whether the student is saying true or false. Always take the truth path in your life.

20. Do not trouble your teachers:

Many students try to trouble the teachers by giving wrong calls , sending unlimited messages and throwing chalks . These are the symptoms of those students who don’t know the meaning of respect and they will never success in their life by doing such bad things.


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